Intoduction to Music Teaching


A highly practical two-day course for all involved in primary music delivery.

This is the introductory course in our progressive series of Essential Musicianship for Teachers courses. The course guides teachers through the development of basic musicianship skills in pupils and give practical guidance on how to deliver this in the classroom.

Essential Musicianship for Teachers

Essential Musicianship for Teachers Part 1

A transformational two-day course suitable for teachers and music practitioners with some classroom experience.

Continuing from Introduction to Music Teaching, this course develops and deepens participants' understanding of how to plan and deliver a highly effective primary music curriculum.

Essential Musicianship for Teachers part 2

A more musically challenging two-day course for teachers and music practitioners who want to extend and develop pupils at the top of primary or lower secondary.

This is the third and final course in our progressive musicianship series. It focuses on the extension of musical skills and understanding, and how to develop a musically meaningful approach to reading notation.

Early Years


An inspirational and enjoyable one-day course for Early Years teachers and practitioners.

This course focuses on developing and consolidating key musicianship skills for practitioners, resulting in real impact on learning outcomes in EY settings. The course covers practical ideas that show how musical learning can impact all seven areas of EYFS, as well as ideas for resources including musical instruments, props and puppets.

Choral Essentials


A hands-on and stimulating one-day course focussing on choral leadership for children's voices.

This course will build and develop foundation skills in leading children's choirs. Suitable for teachers and practitioners currently working with children’s and/or school choirs, or those wishing to do so.