Voices Foundation Taster Workshop:

Become A Singing School

Thursday 10th June, 2021 4:15


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Voices Foundation is committed to ensuring that every child is able to find their voice through the power of singing.


Through this workshop, we show school leaders and classroom teachers practical ways to introduce singing into their teaching or make improvements to how they deliver singing currently. 

Feel confident to engage your pupils in singing and understand why singing is so important to wellbeing and skill development. 

What's Included?

This 40-minute interactive workshop will include an introduction to Voices Foundation, two live sessions and a Q&A. 

Why Voices Foundation? 

Hear from Head of Engagement, Hannah Keville on how Voices Foundation partners with schools to support teachers

Musicianship Introduction

VF Musicianship Practitioner Sally Cathcart will show how simple songs can be used to engage and focus children's attention while supporting other skills development.

Choral Introduction

VF Choral Practitioner Charles MacDougall will demonstrate the most simple method for teaching a song, as well as the preparation you can do to teach a song efficiently and effectively to your pupils.


Attendees’ questions will be answered live by practitioners at the end of the workshop



We hope you'll Join us!


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