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Digital Training

Voices Connect Digital Training is an online learning platform that will serve as a host for two online courses: Musical Foundations and Choral Essentials. Each course consists of 8 unique modules that focus in on unique musical concepts or skills, along with accompanying tasks. Each module is made up of a 20-minute video session and accompanying response task related to the key topics covered. 




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Voices Connect Digital Training

Inside Music Song BAnk

Coming Soon!

The Inside Music Song Bank is an interactive tool for our teachers, based on our award-winning Inside Music books. The handbook is packed with invaluable information on musical skills and concepts and on how music reaches all areas of the Early Years curriculum. 


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Inside Music Song Bank

Virtual Singing Assemblies and More....

VF Into Music



Exploring the building blocks of musical learning and 'demystifying' musical ideas for beginners. Ideal for parents and children learning at home, but open to anyone who's up for a sing. Get into music by playing with musical concepts, learning fun songs you can sing with your whole family and much more!


Virtual Singing Assemblies 



10-15 minute singing assemblies for children, parents and teachers! Join us from wherever you are for some fun, uplifting singing led by our VF practitioners. Music brings us all together, so please share #VFVirtualSing and lets get everybody singing!

VF Into Choral



High energy singing sessions that dive deeper into quality choral repertoire. Ideal for teachers and children in school, but open to all. Get into choral by exploring vocal warm ups, songs from around the world, and much more!