Inside Music Song Bank

Inside Music Song BAnk- Coming Soon!

We are excited to share that we will soon be releasing our Inside Music Song Bank. This will be an interactive tool for our teachers, based on our award-winning Inside Music books. Phase 1 includes digital access to our Early Years resources; the song bank itself, planning tools and handbook. The song bank contains nearly 100 songs, rhymes and listening track to explore with activities, recordings, videos and information – everything you need to inspire and engage your class. The planning tools are tailored to different age groups within the Early Years Foundation Stage and you will find guidance, sample plans and planning templates to enable you to plan a balanced and varied curriculum. The handbook is packed with invaluable information on musical skills and concepts and on how music reaches all areas of the Early Years curriculum. You will find guidance on resources and help with using music to support daily routines.


The Inside Music Song Bank will be available for our programme schools from October. If you are not a Voices Foundation partner school and would like to learn more about further development and gaining access to our Inside Music Song Bank, please register your interest below.


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